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Jim’s Vision for the Future of SMX

Our Santa Maria Airport has so many excellent features going for it. From the 400 square miles in the district, to excellent general and commercial aviation facilities, and professional district staff. SMX is the economic engine that we need to help our community to continue to grow and thrive. How we utilize this resource will determine our success today and in the future.

Grow Airport Business

  • Pursue additional airline service.
  • Promote SMX for general aviation.
  • Brand SMX as the destination choice for N. Santa Barbara Co.



Attract High Paying Jobs

  • Promote the district for development opportunities to attract local high paying jobs.
  • Explore potential for Film & TV production on airport district property for high paying location fees, and local contractor/vendor jobs.
  • Promote SMX not only as a commercial and general aviation airport of choice, but also as prime development opportunities for high paying jobs.

Expand Facilities for Future

  • Promote innovative alternative energy proposals, such as solar and biofuels.
  • Restore historic WWII hanger.
  • Aggressively implement existing SMX air and land side facility development plan.

Meet Jim


Jim has been a Santa Maria resident for nearly twenty five years. He and his wife Denise love their Central Coast community and have been active members in many local organizations. Jim’s  military and corporate careers have afforded him extensive experience in public and government relations, regulatory compliance, land use planning and community outreach.

“Our airport has the potential to be one of the best drivers of economic growth on the Central Coast.”

Jim Bray


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