Jim's Vision for SMX


Based on the Santa Maria Airport Master Plan, aggressively pursue SMX as an economic engine to provide high paying jobs for the Santa Maria Valley. Help promote the current excellent facilities and ground tenants at the airport to grow their businesses to increase and enhance good job paying opportunities.

Diligently pursue additional airline service. Utilize my visits as a community representative with Airport District staff to American Airlines and SkyWest Airlines to aggressively promote SMX for commuter airline service to a major hub.

Work with District staff, community representatives, and outside consultants to help brand the Santa Maria Airport as the airport of choice for North Santa Barbara County.

Promote motion picture, television and film production at airport facilities, and the District’s large open spaces, by working with the Santa Barbara and California Film Commissions to list the airport in film location directories. This could provide location fees for the airport and local jobs for vendors and others.

Help identify and promote innovative alternative energy proposals within the District to include solar and biofuels.

Pursue funding options to include internal, grants, charitable to restore the historic WWII hanger currently occupied by Art-Craft.

Vote on November 6th

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